C'Mere Deer


The Revolutionary Deer Attractant! Deer hunters everywhere have used C'Mere Deer products and the results speak for themselves. What makes C'Mere Deer products so effective in increasing deer movement and activity is due to the extensive field research conducted before any new C'Mere Deer product is released to deer hunters.


Last Chance Archery

Last Chance Archery was established in 2004 with a goal of becoming a company creating products that make tuning fast, simple and EZ. Since that time, LCA has done just that with items ranging from bow presses, bow vises, draw boards, bow press attachments (including tools and holders) and the best fletching tools on the market to date. Located in Pendergrass, GA.



Tink's makes the finest deer lures, scents and attractants for the hunting enthusiast. Our famous #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure has been a favorite of hunters for 40 years. Located in Covington, Georgia.


Tom Teasers

Made in Georgia, Tom Teasers Custom Calls were designed with the avid turkey hunter in mind. These are high quality calls which produce consistent, realistic sounds of a hen turkey. With the market being flooded with mass produced calls, it was our goal to make a call that would have consistent sound from one call to the next.


Swacker Broadheads

The unique blade design of Swhacker Broadheads provides you with two separate cutting edges. The first edge or wing blades cuts the hide and first set of ribs. The second edge or main blades are razor-sharp when opening in the body cavity and cutting through internal organs.

Angled shots are NO PROBLEM when bow hunting. The tip of the head enters the animal well before the wing blades make contact with the animal. This eliminates cantilevering during flight and deflections as the main blades open.